Wanting More

Pastor Doug Manson


Description:Moses asked the Lord "Now show me your glory". God allowed him to see His back after He passed by him--His face was too powerful for Moses to see. In our lives, we see God after He has already answered our prayers and changed our lives.

A Golden Calf?

Pastor Doug Manson


Description:As Moses speaks with God on Mount Sinai the Israelites decided he was not coming back down the mountain and took things into their own hands. They made Aaron their leader and asked him to make gods to go before them. He made an idol cast in the shape of a calf and they made it their god.

Our Father's Embrace

Pastor Doug Manson


Description:Pastor Doug presents his Father's Day message.

Covenant Living: 30 Seconds at a Time

Pastor Doug Manson


Description:Pastor Doug speaks about what it means to live in a covenenant relationship with God.

Little by Little

Pastor Doug Manson


Description:Pastor Doug reviews the story of God's chosen people from the beginning of creation and brings us to Exodus 23:20-33. God's people cried out for help and God had a plan for them. His plan was not revealed all at once, but little by little.

Finding Comfort

Pastor Doug Manson


Description:Pastor Doug speaks about finding comfort in God no matter your circumstances on this Mother's Day.

The Ten Commandments

Pastor Doug Manson


Description:Pastor Doug speaks to us about the Ten Commandments as they were given to the Israelites and explains their meaning.

Respecting God

Pastor Doug Manson


Description:The Israelites are three months into their journey to the Promised Land and the Lord reminds them of how He has taken care of them and says that if they fully obey and keep His covenant then they will be his treasured possession. They all agreed. Pastor Doug speaks about respecting God in our own lives.

The Lord Is My Banner

Pastor Doug Manson


Description:Pastor Doug teaches about the battle with the Amalekites where Moses stood on a hill and raised his hands over the battle. When he put his hands down, the Israelites began to lose the battle, but when his hands were raised the Israelites won the battle.

Our Provider

Pastor Doug Manson


Description:Pastor Doug asks the question "Is it worth it?". He continues to speak to us about the journey of the Israelites and how they questioned if leaving Eqypt was really worth it. They were hungry and thirsty and had to trust God for their safety and provision.

Do Not Be Afraid

Pastor Doug Manson


Description:Pastor Doug asks the question "Is Easter that important?" The answer is ABSOLUTELY!


Pastor Doug Manson


Description:After the crossing of the Red Sea, the Israelites moved on and found water that was bitter. Again, the Israelites complained against Moses and God. God, once again, provided a miracle for them.

Making A Way

Pastor Doug Manson


Description:Pastor Doug speaks about the exodus of the Israelites at the time that they came to the Red Sea. They could see the Egyptians coming after them and had nowhere to go. They complained and said how their lives had been better in Egypt. Moses told them "Do not be afraid. Stand Firm. . . " When we have problems, we forget about how good God has been in our lives and the things he has done for us. We should not be afraid and stand firm in our faith in God--He will always take care of us.

The Passover Lamb

Pastor Doug Manson


Description:Pastor Doug speaks about the final plague upon the Egyptians where every firstborn son in Egypt died in order to gain release of the Israelites. God gave the Israelites instructions in order to be protected from this plague. We are called to a life of Faith--to trust God and follow his plan just like the Israelites.

Heaven Is Real And, Yes, It Matters

Rick Parker


Description:Rick speaks about the reality of Heaven and how it is described in the the Book of Revelation.

Making an Impression

Pastor Doug Manson


Description:Pastor Doug brings us through all ten plagues that God brings against Pharaoh and the Egyptians in order to secure the release of the Israelites. Through these plagues, God revealed who He is, and that He is greater than and has power over all other gods. He also reminds the Israelites of His love and faithfulness to them. We are reminded that we are to worship God and be in awe of His power, majesty, glory, faithfulness and love. Through Him we have hope and can be victorious.

Above All Others

Pastor Doug Manson


Description:This week Pastor Doug speaks about the beginning of the "conversation" between Moses, Aaron and Pharoah. Just as Moses was chosen by God to show himself to Pharoah, our lives are supposed to be the image bearer of Christ. People should see Christ in us.

Remembering the Promises of God

Pastor Doug Manson


Description:Pastor Doug speaks about the beginning of the mission of Moses to go to Pharaoh and ask him to set his people free. God told Moses that it would be by His mighty hand that Pharaoh would set the Israelites free--not by the efforts of Moses. In our lives, we need to remember the promises of God and put our hope in Him--not in our own efforts. He will never let us down.

Behind the Scenes

Pastor Doug Manson


Description:Pastor Doug speaks to us about the story of Moses.

The Dark Days

Pastor Doug Manson


Description:Pastor Doug again brings us to Exodus and the plight of the Israelites in Egypt. They were experiencing dark days under a new king, but God had a plan for them. In the same way, when we are in dark days God has a plan for us. He knows us and He loves us--we have to seek Him, never give up and trust in His plan.

The Backstory

Pastor Doug Manson


Description:Pastor Doug brings us to the beginning--everything in Genesis leading up to the Book of Exodus and God's Plan for His people.

Preparing for the New Year

Pastor Doug Manson


Description:Pastor Doug speaks to us about beginning a new year and taking a spiritual inventory. There are things in our spiritual lives which are good, however, there are things in our lives that are not good, not healthy for our spiritual lives that we need to throw away. We are to focus our thoughts on Heavenly things rather than worldly things.

She Is Chosen

Pastor Doug Manson


Description:Pastor Doug speaks to us about Mary and asks us to imagine how she felt when the angel told her she would give birth to the Savior of the world. She said "yes" and her entire life and world would never be the same.